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Review de Calcetines Compressport – Pro Racing Socks V2.1 Run Low Cut + Trail (Spanish)

[:es] Corriendo acá en Chile, gasto calcetines muy rápido. El polvo que entra a los zapatos, los ríos que cruzamos y las condiciones calurosas que provocan mucho sudor. Habitualmente compraba mis calcetines en el super porque, si no, seria muy caro reemplazarlos tan seguido. Ademas pensaba que todos los calcetines eran iguales. Sin embargo, nuestros […]


The Outdoor Olympics / UTMB 100mile Footrace

  – Why the world’s (unofficial) ultra running championship is unlike any other sporting event – There was a moment during the Utra Trail du Mont Blanc live coverage this weekend, where we watched the Spaniard Luis Alberto Hernando walking along a mountain path in the Chamonix Valley, closely followed by the American Seth Swanson. […]


In the future we will all be environmentalists

Imagine if you can, a futuristic history lesson that captures our own historical now. There’s interactive textbooks showing a rising line graph of carbon parts per million plotted against increasing temperature. As the children’s eyes track along the graph, dynamic illustrations pop up from the industrial revolution, through to Shell poking that first oil pipe […]


Til-Til to Lampa 38km (English Version)

A wildly beautiful and brutal experience in Chile’s coastal mountains this weekend, representing GreenBeanTrails. It was all thanks to Latitud Sur’s most recent event on the calendar – The Til Til to Lampa Traverse. We passed through golden oaks, alpine lagoons and remote valleys – washed a verdant green after the recent winter rain. Whilst […]