Greater Patagonian Trail / Outside online

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Boy, I’ve been cooking this one a while!

Outside magazine commissioned a feature length story about my adventures on the mend bendingly beautiful Greater Patagonian Trail mid 2018.

The route links the cactus-pocked high Andes of Santiago to the lakes and snow capped mountains of El Chalten Patagonia.

Big thanks to my friend Jan Dudeck, the creator of the trail, for helping it get to press. Plus the team at Outside for using my photography in the story and making it pop!

Dive in.

Read more from my personal adventures on the GPT here.


Into Wonderland / Horizon Travel

I have helped co-author the new Horizon Travel Guide, Adventures in Chile. Here’s my story from the sparkling new Patagonian National Park. 

“Naked to the waist and barefoot, we wade into the glacial river. The opal water sends an electric chill first through our toes, then gradually up over our shins and knees until we are staggering, rucksacks above our heads. All laser-focus is pinned on reaching the other side.”

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