Climate change and environmental stories, from the Darién Gap to Antarctica

I’m a writer and photographer of climate, environment and mountain stories and hold an MSc in Carbon Management (what the heck to do about climate change). I’ve been based in the Chilean Andes above Santiago since 2014.

My writing is brazenly independent and draws extensively on interviews with scientists, researchers and policy makers – meeting them in the jungles of the Darién Gap or personally leading an expedition to collect snow samples from a 6000m Andean summit to help further understanding of black-carbon contamination. My stories speak truth to power when necessary whilst being sensitive to the subtleties of developing stories.

Through 2019 and 2020 I investigated and uncovered the Swiss norm error by mining giant Anglo American, exposing their impact on the hydrological security of Santiago´s 7million. I’ve also worked on exposing environmental destruction by the Chilean fishing industry, poisoning of children by coal power plants in Quintero; trawled through thousands of pages of environmental impact assessments and held politicians to account on their carbon economics at IPCC climate conferences.

If there is a story to be told from the field, I’ll join a road block to report on air pollution or slink through wolf habitat in Sweden to investigate rewilding. 

Currently I have just finished the 4000 word story Global South Solutions for the Geographical magazine special COP26 edition this November, interviewing scientists, activists and politicians from the global south about how the climate crisis they did so little to create is biting hardest in their territories.

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