Ojos del Salado Sky Race / Men´s Fitness

May 3, 2023/by Matt-Maynard

I’ve come back with these…

September 13, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Pucon Ultra / Trail Running

The Chilean trail running scene is exploding with races, from…
July 12, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

There’s rain water sloshing inside my camera lenses!

July 1, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Cheese Rolling / Men’s Running

An interview with the Big Cheese and all-time cheese chasing…
May 27, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Contraportada / Diario Austral

April 11, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Trail Survival Feature with Nimbus Outdoors / Men’s Running

Fresh from shooting the Nimbus Outdoors Pucon Trail race 50K…
February 22, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Running with Wolves / Men’s Running

In late August 2017, I travelled to Västmanland Sweden for the…
October 14, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Drinking Games / Men’s Running column, September

Every month I write the trail running section for Men's Running…
August 1, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Volcano Run / Outdoor Fitness

July 25, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Trail Mix / Men’s Running

Every month I write the trail running section for Men's Running…
July 1, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

The contentment of the long distance runner / Ultra

Read the text only version below

I first discovered long distance…
June 15, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Pack It In! / Men’s Running

Every month I write the trail running section for Men's Running…
June 7, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Cover shot and story / Men’s Running April

April 1, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Volcanic Triathlon from Easter Island / Triathlete

100,000 subscribers to Triathlete magazine had this magical story…
November 25, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

The Art of Fastpacking / Men’s Running

In Men's Running magazine this October, you can read our story…
October 12, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ / Red Bull

Red Bull wanted an inspiring make-me-feel-I'm-there-on-the-mountain-with-you…
September 24, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

10 Training Tips for Vertical Kilometre Racing / Red Bull

[:en]Number 10. Bring a Cowbell – Who would have thought?
September 24, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Tribal Trails / Trail Runner magazine USA

The indigenous Rapa Nui people of Easter Island believed for…
August 1, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Vertical Rush / Become a skyscraper running champion

[:en]The first of the World Skyscraper Running Series was held…
August 1, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Race Director Interview / Red Bull, Jobs in Adventure

[:en]There's one man behind the UK's wildest running races. This…
August 1, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Cover shot issue 4 / Ultra

Cover shot for issue 4 of Ultra magazine accompanied my "Full Circle Patagonia" article, describing our attempt to run the classic 100km O Trek in 1 big wild day out complete with pumas and glaciers. #ultrarunning #torresdelpaine #chile #adventure #fastpacking #friendship #ultramag
July 23, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

RUNdezvous – Outdoor Fitness magazine

[:en]Outdoor Fitness magazine wanted a snappy training article…
June 3, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Fastest At World’s End / Sidetracked

[:en]For as long as I've been writing about adventures, I have…
May 12, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

The Runners of Rapa Nui / Men’s Running

[:en]In the May issue of Men's Running there's a story of some…
April 7, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Fastest Known Time / Red Bull Adventure


Red Bull were looking for an accessible introduction…
March 29, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

The story behind the cover shot / Ultra magazine

When you get your copy of the superlative independent…
March 22, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Men’s Fitness magazine / Vertical Kilometre Feature

[:en]Living in the Andes, it’s easy to forget that not everyone…
March 2, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Review del Altra Lone Peak 2.5 (español)

Presentando ALTRA LONE PEAK 2.5

¿Para qué tipo de entrenamientos…
February 18, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Picture of the Day / the Guardian

I snapped this shot on the third day of the Tapati festival on…
February 18, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Zolkan 4 Days 2016 / Limitless Pursuits

I've been away from my desk for the last week - reporting and…
January 12, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Pleasure and Paine / Outdoor Fitness magazine

In April 2015 I travelled to Patagonia to take part in a 70mile…
December 30, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Running the “O” loop at the 8th Natural Wonder of the World

[:en]Last Wednesday at 2:06 am under a full moon James Donald…
November 30, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

The Eighty Year Old Athlete

[:en]This morning I got an email.
"Matt Maynard - Muchas gracias…
November 13, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Running the 100km Patagonia O loop in 17hours / Ultra

[:en]On a miserable winter’s morning in Marshfield, England…
November 10, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Review del Trail Short de Compressport (español)

[:es]“Born in Switzerland” dice el mensaje cosido en los…
October 27, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Patagonian International Marathon / Limitless Pursuits

[:en]A Long Shot
If the Patagonian International Marathon was…
October 1, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Review de Calcetines Compressport – Pro Racing Socks V2.1 Run Low Cut + Trail (Spanish)


Corriendo acá en Chile, gasto calcetines muy rápido.…
September 13, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

“Good Vibes” / X Trail Puchuncnaví 50km (English version)

I learnt a new Spanish phrase recently. “Buena vibra.” 

September 10, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

“Buena Vibra” / Xtrail Puchuncaví 50km (español)

Aprendí una frase nueva en Español recién: “Tiene…
September 10, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

The Outdoor Olympics / UTMB 100mile Footrace

- Why the world’s (unofficial) ultra running championship…
September 2, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Til-Til to Lampa 38km (English Version)

A wildly beautiful and brutal experience in Chile's coastal…
August 26, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Til-Til Lampa 38km (español)

Tuve una experiencia maravillosa y durísima en las montañas…
August 22, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Challenge Complete – 31,000m Above The Smog in July / DESFAFIO COMPLETADO – 31,000m Subidos Arriba del Smog

[:en]I went into the mountains this month and climbed a vertical…
July 31, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Climbing for the Climate / A Commitment to Clean Air

[:en] This week I started I challenge that I'm not sure I'll…
July 31, 2015/by Matt-Maynard

Nikki Kimball on Patagonia’s first 100miler, her new film “Finding Traction” and ‘chicking’ Usain Bolt

[:en]Nikki Kimball has been at the forefront of the ultra running…
March 17, 2015/by Matt-Maynard