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Andean plane mystery / Geographical

How do you engage people on a big scary issue like climate change? This February filmmaker I headed into the Andes with two other British mountaineers to try and find the 1947 crashed plane Star Dust. In 2019 it’s emerging from the glacier-ice on 6570m Tupungato due to global warming. Told for the June 2019 issue […]

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Greater Patagonian Trail / Outside online

Opens in new tab here. Boy, I’ve been cooking this one a while! Outside magazine commissioned a feature length story about my adventures on the mend bendingly beautiful Greater Patagonian Trail mid 2018. The route links the cactus-pocked high Andes of Santiago to the lakes and snow capped mountains of El Chalten Patagonia. Big thanks […]


Accommodating informality in the global south

A summary of recent literature re. win-wins of low-carbon transition from informal “campamento” settlements in Chile to formal housing. Previously completed for MSc Carbon Management study at Edinburgh University, published March 5th 2018.   A prototype home in a previous “campamento” slum district in Lo Barenechea, Santiago, Chile (with energy saving and climate mitigating solar […]

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The bike raid that time forgot / Red Bull

This March I sneaked down into the Araucanía region of southern Chile. It’s a land of crushing waterfalls, hanging glaciers, splurging volcanoes and ancient rainforest. The trails are stalked by pumas and the skies are patrolled by 3 metre wingspan condors.  There was a bike raid too – FireFlies Patagonia. I shared the story and […]