Adventure stories from runs, races and rides through Chile and beyond

I hold the British Mountain Leader award with over 13 years of experience writing, photographing, planning and completing expeditions from the Alps to the Andes.

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Photography by Matt Maynard unless otherwise credited

Batchelor’s party on bikes / Red Bull

We rode some bikes and drank some beer and whisky for my buddy's…
January 26, 2018/by Matt-Maynard

Island Man / Geographical

Before the time of celebrity culture, desert islands were places…
December 28, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Walking with Wolves / BBC

In September last year I followed the scent of wolves into the…
December 22, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Heart of Darién / Geographical

In May 2017 I travelled to the Panamanian jungle on the border…
November 20, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Thru hiking the Americas / Outside

Holly Harrison is hiking from Patagonia to Alaska. I tried to…
November 3, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Running with the Pack / Men’s Running

In late August 2017, I travelled to Västmanland Sweden for the…
October 14, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Getting fit in winter / Red Bull

Whipped this guide up for Red Bull online to inspire night time…
September 29, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Creating the largest protected area on the planet / Geographical

September 17, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Desert Island Survival / Get Out There

This April I survived 8 days fishing (+ writing and photographing)…
September 15, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Cover Story / Men’s Running

For the October issue, Men's Running magazine commissioned a…
September 10, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Volcano Run / Outdoor Fitness

July 25, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

How to hike the Grand Canyon / Guardian

In November 2016 I plunged a mile deep into the Grand Canyon…
July 4, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Trail Mix / Men’s Running

Every month I write the trail running section for Men's Running…
July 1, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Cover shot and story / Men’s Running April

April 1, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

How to survive an Antarctic swim / Outside

In December 2016 I met Lewis Pugh – British maritime lawyer…
March 12, 2017/by Matt-Maynard

Atacama by Tandem / Outdoor Fitness

I have been writing about travels in Chile for a few years now.…
December 10, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

Volcanic Triathlon from Easter Island / Triathlete

100,000 subscribers to Triathlete magazine had this magical story…
November 25, 2016/by Matt-Maynard


How do you engage people with a slow moving problem like air…
October 20, 2016/by Matt-Maynard

The Art of Fastpacking / Men’s Running

OUT NOW – In Men's Running magazine this October, you can read…
October 12, 2016/by Matt-Maynard
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