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         Up to my waist in the Darién Gap for Geographical magazine

Originally from the UK,  I’ve based myself in the Chilean Andes since 2011 for love, adventure and ocular plunder

Below you’ll find environmental stories and adventures from other riverbeds, mountains and wilderness

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I’ve got a new nasty habit. It’s called the Sendero Gran Patagonia / Greater Patagonian Trail – a 3000K+ network of animal tracks, existing arriero (cowboy) routes and deep-backcountry bushwacking. It crosses mountains, swirls down rivers and cuts across lakes in its journey from Tierra del Fuego to Santiago.

It’s a brand new project – and I’ve been busting to jump on it.

At the start of Feb, I could wait no longer, and gave myself a few days off. (These freelancers, ey…) With a 30litre bag, I spent three days and two nights on a solo fastpack trip, tackling the first 80km south from Santiago. And no, I couldn’t talk a condor into pressing the shutter, instead taking all the photos of me rather sadly on self-timer.

Next stop for me on the GPT is Parque Patagonia this February

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