Words and photography for extraordinary stories

→  Unpack environmental issues into engaging magazine / online content

→ Shoot beautiful illustrative photography 

→  Write inspiring travel and adventure features from South America and beyond

→ Guiding or consultancy for adventure travel logistics and expeditions within Chile (book me here)

→ Share Spanish language expertise and local insight from Chilean Patagonia to the Atacama Desert

→ Whip up on-message SEO-friendly blogs or columns to draw traffic to your website

→ Give lectures and contribute to travel talks and broadcasts

Publication highlights from 2016-2017 (click to read)

Guardian - Runners of Rapa Nui 1 now!

Red Bull - Work out like a Polynesian Warrior
Men's Fitness Vertical KM April 1

Men's Running - The Runners of Rapa Nui -2-%22mountain-lions-will-eat-horses-and-the-local-llama-like-guanaco-matt-maynard-com%22-2