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Work out Like A Polynesian Warrior / Red Bull

Living 2,000km from the nearest inhabited island, the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island must be jacks of all trades. Using photography from my three week trip to the island for the BBC, this light-hearted article for Red Bull Adventure gives a break down of the different skills that “Polynesian Warriors” practise during their most important festival of Tapati. 

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Red Bull - Work out like a Polynesian Warrior[:]


Fastest Known Time / Red Bull Adventure

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Red Bull were looking for an accessible introduction to the seemingly elite running discipline of Fastest Known Time.

Not everyone can be the fastest on big test pieces (see n° 6-7) – But all keen joggers have their favourite route they train on. Why not compete to be the fastest on your home turf?

This is where the article starts: Racing on the mean streets of London.

Check out this fresh take on Fastest Known Time HERE. Enjoy.[:]