The Trump Government swiftly stymied US climate change polices and science, but National Security advisers are now taking the consequent threat to their own shores very seriously indeed.

Extract below from the May 2018 issue of Geographical magazine.

According to the Inter- 

governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),

‘human infuence on the climate system is clear,’ and

a ‘warming’ trend in that system is ‘unequivocal’.

Credible scientists are no longer researching

if climate change is happening. Instead, efforts have now turned

towards mitigation and adaption.

Yet governments such as the current US administration

have made themselves outliers in the concerted global

eforts to tackle this threat. President Trump’s ‘America

First’ nationalist rhetoric wavers at best between

portraying climate change as an exaggerated and distant

possibility; and at worst, a conspiracy theory designed to

limit US growth. Key government positions have been

flled by climate sceptics, most notably Environmental

Protection Administrator Scott Pruitt.

There are, however, powerful forces now at work in

the US that refuse to ignore the rumblings of a rapidly

warming planet. Military, national security, homeland

security, intelligence and foreign policy experts from

across the country refuse to accept a heads-buried-

in-the-sand stance.

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