Revving up to run 100miles


Our last fastpacking adventure together on the 156 mile North Downs Way in 2016

More miles; more smiles…Or so the expressions goes.

On August 9th I will set out with my longtime running pal James Donald for our three day adventure along the Ridgeway National Trail. It’s the UK’s oldest footpath and runs from west of Luton to the Avebury Stone Circle south of Swindon.

We’ll be running 30+miles per day through harvest ready fields, whilst stopping for the occasional ‘refreshment’ in pub gardens. At night we’ll dodge into scraps of woodland and throw down our sleeping mats before jogging on by morning. 

I won’t be writing or shooting this for anyone (this trip is just for us). You can however find more words and adventures from our 17hour race around the 100K Torres del Paine trekking route in 2015 for Ultra magazine; or our attempt to run the North Downs Way 156mile trail for Men’s Running in 2016. 

I’ll be sharing some photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram

Here’s to the good times, cool skies and big smiles the next few days.