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Boulder Dash / Outdoor Fitness magazine

[:en]Outdoor Fitness magazine were looking for a beginner friendly guide to getting indoor climbers outdoors.

Their February issue carries my four page training special to help readers make the transition – just in time for those perfect crisp winter climbing conditions!

So go on, Get Your Boulder On!

Bouldering Train Article v2[:]

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Zolkan 4 Days 2016 / Limitless Pursuits

I’ve been away from my desk for the last week – reporting and running in the incredible Zolkan 4 Days ultramarathon.

If you missed it on social media, here’s the full run-down from each day, starting with my race preview.

CLICK Below for Race Preview, Summary or Full Day by Day accounts.

All articles at limitlesspursuits.com

Zolkan 4 Days - PreviewZolkan 4 Days - Day 1Zolkan 4 Days - Day 2 Zolkan 4 Days - Day 3Zolkan 4 Days - Day 4Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 15.05.41






















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Pleasure and Paine / Outdoor Fitness magazine

In April 2015 I travelled to Patagonia to take part in a 70mile ultramarathon that quickly became known as one of the toughest races on the planet. Dodging pumas, hopping crevasses and traversing previously untravelled glaciers – my feature article in Outdoor Fitness magazine went on sale in the UK once I’d had time to fully digest the odyssey. Check it out…



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The Elephant in the Atmosphere / Like the Wind magazine

[:en]In July 2015 I ran a project to draw attention to the seasonal air pollution that haunts Santiago, Chile. I climbed 1,000m every day of the month into the Andes mountains above the city and used this point of vantage to raise awareness about the dangers of the pollution below and what we can do to combat it.

I am very proud to be published as the lead article in issue 7 of Like the Wind – a boutique print running magazine, published in the UK. You can read an extract from the article below, or read my original posts about the article here and here.

Like the Wind Page 13 version 2


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Running the “O” loop at the 8th Natural Wonder of the World

[:en]Last Wednesday at 2:06 am under a full moon James Donald and I set out on the 8day trek at Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia. Our plane was leaving in just 52 hours. We hoped to run it in one continuous push, carrying all our own equipment and be back at the Camping Torres in time for a beer before the store shut…

In the next few weeks and months there will be photos and words published about the trip.


Sneak Preview: Teetering over the suspension bridge above Glacier Grey at km60. At this point we had another 40km and 7 hours of running left to cover. We had only 6 remaining energy gels between us…

Thanks to the support from my friend Rene Castel at Cabra del Monte energy bars, and Andy Nuttall at Ultra Magazine

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The Eighty Year Old Athlete

[:en]@dw photographerThis morning I got an email.

“Matt Maynard – Muchas gracias por tan linda dedicatoria. Es un regalo muy apreciado y muchas muchas gracias. Divina la nota!” – Elisa Forti


“Matt Maynard – Thank you so much for this beautiful keepsake. It’s a greatly appreciated present and thank you so so much. Wonderful article!” – Elisa Forti

Here’s the article in UltraRunning Magazine about El Cruce – the 3 day ultra marathon that Elisa ran across the Andes mountains.

It would be the greatest honour to one day run with you Elisa.