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RUNdezvous – Outdoor Fitness magazine

[:en]Outdoor Fitness magazine wanted a snappy training article about running groups. RUNdezvous was the result – an odyssey across three continents as I dive into world of alternative running groups. I hydrate with the Santiago Hash House Harriers, raid a car boot with the Bath Bats and get high in the Rocky Mountains with the Boulder […]

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Fastest At World’s End / Sidetracked

[:en]For as long as I’ve been writing about adventures, I have wanted to have my work published at Sidetracked. If you don’t know already, it’s a beautiful online selection box of far-flung journeys, unexpected encounters and daring deeds – sharply penned with startling photography. The editor-in-chief John Summerton doesn’t just pick up any pitch, but […]

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The Runners of Rapa Nui / Men’s Running

[:en]In the May issue of Men’s Running there’s a story of some of the planet’s remotest people.   …So remote in fact that for 500 years they thought they were the only people left on Earth. Yet regardless of outside influence, the runners of Rapa Nui take their sport incredibly seriously. They compete in the […]

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A crazy sport created by isolation / BBC

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Rapa Nui people believed for 500 years they were the only people left on Earth. The BBC were interested in how the Rapa Nui’s February festival of Tapati expresses the character and story of these remote island people. I spent three weeks on Easter island. This article […]