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The Runners of Rapa Nui / Men’s Running

[:en]In the May issue of Men’s Running there’s a story of some of the planet’s remotest people.   …So remote in fact that for 500 years they thought they were the only people left on Earth. Yet regardless of outside influence, the runners of Rapa Nui take their sport incredibly seriously. They compete in the […]

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A crazy sport created by isolation / BBC

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Rapa Nui people believed for 500 years they were the only people left on Earth. The BBC were interested in how the Rapa Nui’s February festival of Tapati expresses the character and story of these remote island people. I spent three weeks on Easter island. This article […]

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Men’s Fitness magazine / Vertical Kilometre Feature

[:en]Living in the Andes, it’s easy to forget that not everyone leaves their front door and starts running uphill. Men’s Fitness magazine UK got in contact because they wanted an inspiring introduction to the Vertical Kilometre race – the new standard in endurance sport, where the finish line is 1,000metres higher than the starting point.  The article is […]

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Review del Altra Lone Peak 2.5 (español)

Presentando ALTRA LONE PEAK 2.5 ¿Para qué tipo de entrenamientos / trotes sirven? Este es un zapato de trail running. Está diseñado para entrenamientos y carreras de largas distancias, pero es suficientemente liviano también para carreras más cortas e intensas. Tiene dos elementos interesantes – Zero Drop y la puntera ancha – discutidos abajo. Probé […]